Love online casino games? Then you are going to love Rizk Casino!

The battle for No. 1 spot in the world of online casino gaming is certainly an entertaining watch. This is because the big online casino names are struggling to fend off the challenge of young up and comers. These new names are without doubt bringing the fight, as they are launching with better than average game selections to their name. Pushing the boundaries of what an online casino platform can come up with, many names are dispelling the myth that new online casinos are here today and gone tomorrow. Rizk Casino is the name emerging in 2016 that most online casino portals are taking serious note of, as they seem to be leading the charge as far as the alternative is concerned.


Largely publicised amongst the media as a Guts spins off, the reality is that Rizk Casino is much more than a cookie cutter copy of its ‘big brother’. Rizk Casino is emerging as legitimate operator with a legitimate game selection to its name. Looking fresh and feeling the same, Rizk Casino clearly has its eye on becoming online casino royalty in the very near future.


Entertaining Backbone


If you are an online casino that looks to stand the test of time then you are going to want to make sure entertainment is found at the core of what you do. Rizk Casino have certainly taken this message to heart and built a truly entertaining game selection. Going for broke in such regard, no fewer than 8 different developers contribute to a bar raising game selection at Rizk Casino. Games from the likes of Betsoft, Microgaming, Nextgen, Quickspin, Play’n GO, NetEnt among others are all on hand, making the Rizk Casino game selection one that is rife in entertainment value. Building off these foundations, it is clear to see why many feel that Rizk Casino has a strong backbone as far as game choice is concerned.


Wheel of Rizk


What Rizk Casino take great pride in is being unique, something that many other online casinos seem to not care for. Rizk Casino seem to have taken a smart route here, as and other casino review websites have praised them for going their own way and bringing something fresh into the world of gambling. Being unique requires an all-round approach and dedication to presenting a product that is different, something that Risk Casino certainly do, arguably better than anybody else right now. How they have gone about this is by building the online casino around an innovative new concept known only as the Wheel of Rizk. Comprising of an extreme version of the Wheel of Fortune, players are only ever a spin away from unlocking a major bonus or two. Built into the Wheel of Rick is a progress bar that fills whenever a player plays an on-site game, when max is reached the player will progress to the next level. Each new level attaches bigger and better prizes to the Wheel of Rizk. It doesn’t rank a traditional game per say, but the Wheel of Rizk is certainly an aspect that adds to the entertainment level at Rizk Casino. Acting in many ways as a reward system, the more someone plays the more fruitful the Wheel of Rizk becomes.


Rewarding ‘Rizk’


There will always be sceptics around whenever a new online casino launches, as doubts over credentials and longevity emerge. But there isn’t a sceptic in the world who won’t be able to see Rizk Casino for what it is, which is a thoroughly entertaining online casino gaming experience. Built through hard work and dedication, the game selection at Rizk Casino won’t leave any player wanting that’s for sure.

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